Why Work With Us?

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Due to Covid-19 and the constantly changing 

guidelines, we want to insure you that your time and money is not wasted. If your trip needs to be postponed or cancelled, we will ensure refunds and an extension of cancellation 



We consider ALL clients private clients. We adhere to a strict confidentiality contract and your information is always secure and protected.

Innovative & Seasoned Travel Designers:

Pricing & Fee Structure


Proud Virtuoso Member

At Your Prompt Service

You will be working with an experienced travel professional dedicated to creating the perfect itinerary for your needs.

Pre-travel,  in-travel, and post travel, a team member is always available to care for you in time-sensitive instances. You can

expect a detail oriented, well executed final itinerary.

We present clients with transparent

pricing itemization on all

travel components. Our fees are

fair given the time we dedicate toeach itinerary. Upon initial

contact, we provide you with

a menu of three tiers of services we offer.

You drive.

Our connections run deep, and we

are proud to be part of the Virtuoso network, affording you added “perks” to your travel itinerary that are unparalleled to most credit card and other loyalty programs. Based on

total travel itineraries, we also send along additional “thank you” bonuses in the form of experience, spa, or culinary credits. We realize there are

a hundred ways to book your travel. We greatly appreciate YOU!

The Process

Begin with an introductory call or in-person appointment. We listen, learn, and build trust. We establish a plan dependent on our call, and the “matchmaking process” begins.


The structure of your itinerary is built, having established where you will be and when. Once we have finalized details such as hotel and flights, a deposit is placed. (Please Note – There are itineraries where the experience planning coincides with the locations and accommodations. Our approach may vary, based on the nature of your travel goals and destinations.)

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The Unveiling of your Travel Journey! You have presented your itinerary in two ways. The first is your digital and live connected itinerary on your mobile device accessible at all times. User-friendly, beautifully laid out, and live synced to each travel component. The second way, we believe print is not obsolete. Printed and tucked away in a convenient travel case, luggage tags, travel journal, added inspiration, all wrapped up with a silver bow. Your travel gift to yourself.


We take time and place thought into providing you with inspiring preliminary options for your destination, accommodations, and experiences. We engage, listen to your feedback, bounce ideas, and provide unbiased insight.

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We begin to talk details and work together to fine-tune your itinerary. We provide you with destination “experience menus” exclusively curated in collaboration by our team travel and concierge designers and industry colleagues. Culinary experiences, local artisans, galleries, museums with expert docents,  insider tips on how to scoot past the masses, exclusive encounters with locals and wildlife, meaningful walks, sought-after ateliers, and more.